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Jun. 21st, 2009

Entry 14 - College Rant

Right, well. Where to even start.

I can not even progress next year to A2 at St. Peter's because of how imcompetent Mark Jakeway is. Due to the college's idiocy, they only let me take 3 subjects instead of 4 (oh great, this person got lower grades, lets make them take 3 subjects, so that they can not drop one, so basically FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. Makes PERFECT sense).

Okay, so thanks to Jakeway, I have failed Maths more than I have ever failed anything else in my LIFE. Yes, I'm talking even worse than the F I got at GCSE in Electronics, and I did absolutely nothing in the class. In fact, the classes mostly consisted of the students throwing thread and paper airplanes around the classroom, and and sprouts, how can I forget that. And I have actually failed Maths WORSE THAN I FAILED THIS SUBJECT.

How, you may ask, could anyone fail worse than this? Well, Mark Jakeway moved me up and down from Maths to Use of Maths constantly, at least once a month. How am I supposed to learn, get a decent grade, if I'm being swapped around courses and teachers constantly? There is absolutely no way. And even after telling him that I could NOT do Use of Maths, as there is no second year, and I would not be able to progress, he ignored this, GUARANTEEING THAT I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO PROGRESS TO A2.

How has this idiot not been sacked yet, you may ask? With his fucking racecar/airplane noises as he runs around the classroom like a five year old? You come to college from secondary school, thinking, wow, this is much better than secondary school. We've gotten rid of all of the idiots, all of the chavs (well, actually, we still have them in BTEC form, but mostly they have learned to keep to themselves now). So, pretty much, we have lost a lot of the hostility and bullying that used to go on in secondary school.

Or so we thought.

Then suddenly we have a maths teacher that is more of an idiot than every single one of these idiot chavs put together, one who actually slags off his pupils, insults them, to their face and behind their back, and it actually takes a fucking formal complaint to get an apology. What kind of teacher is this. WHY THE FUCK HAS HE NOT BEEN SACKED YET.

So, I won't see you folk next year, because regardless of the fact I repeatedly pointed out to Mark Jakeway and other members of staff that I would not be able to progress if they forced me onto this one year course, they ignored me completely, and now I'm leaving and going to a new college, to resit the year and hopefully not have a fucking retard as a teacher.

Just my two cents :).

May. 26th, 2009

Friends Only

I, Kazine, hereby do not hold any responsibility for minds being corrupted while you are talking to me or reading my journal. It is not my fault if you go crazy, madly perverted, or slowly rot away due to insanity. No compensation will be paid to you and/or your immediate family members. I do not have a contract with you.

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